Monday, November 29, 2010

More Trailorific-ness

So I do find Trailorific things around here every once in a while. Here are a couple that really stick out.

1. Our laundry area is just off of the kitchen. Not quite in its own room, but in its own cozy little nook, out of the way of things. So when I'm in the kitchen and the washer is going, the spin cycle will literally make the kitchen floor rumble. Like a bit of an earthquake feeling! Yes, our floor shakes during our washer spin cycle. So, is that just a super powerful washer, or could it be...Trailorific!?

2. I can literally vacuum the whole house without changing where I plug the vacuum in. There's an outlet literally right in the middle of the place, so I have to use that one particular outlet. But! Vacuuming is a breeze around here without having to change where the plug goes every time I go too far. HA! So, because the place is big enough for us, without feeling cramped, I'm going to call this just pure....cozy....trailorific!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our family is growing!

So last weekend we went to Temecula with a big ole grocery shopping list. Out here, we go grocery shopping every 2 weeks. So the list is very calculated according to what dinners, snacks, lunches, breakfasts we will be having for the next two weeks. And I have my path through Winco that I go, so I itemize my list according to how I jet through the store.
Anyway, I had my list in hand, we were dropping Colt off at a friends' house, it was all set. But Nathan had a different plan. He was calling ranches in Temecula while I was working on my shopping list to pick up more animals.
So a whole afternoon later, and no Winco trip, we came back with 5 more hens, a rooster, and two goats. All in hubby's truck. In fact, we even went through a Mcdonald's drive through with the sweet little goat on my lap!
Can anybody else say they went into town for a grocery shop, but came back with livestock instead??.....You know you're a Redneck when....

So the new colorful Hens are really cool. They lay brown and green eggs. The Goats are Nubian goats. The black is female and the brown is male. We named them Peggy and Al. Girl goats cycle twice a year (that's when they most likely get pregnant if there's a dude around) and the rancher that we bought her from said she is most likely pregnant. Soooo....that means, after she has her baby, we get milk! And supposedly she has very silky udders. (A selling point? If you're goat shopping?)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Our humble home

I've been holding out of pics of the house because we're not done yet. We've only primered the walls so we haven't put up any pictures or decorations. But here is what we're starting with. Notice our headboard made of pillows for our bed!
Also the entry way wall is the wrong yellow. But I'm showing off my cool homemade hat rack!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Okay, these are totally chesy pictures of Colt and Charley. They are just standing there posing for the camera. AND I have to defend myself with Colt's mummy costume. It looked much cooler in real life! He wore it for school on Friday, then for his schools trunk or treat that night. Then on saturday for a birthday/halloween party. Then for trick or treating. And each time, he would stand there while I would wrap him all up in different shreds of sheet. It was fun and he loved putting it on. And every time, he got a ton of compliments. So, anyway, the pics don't show you how cool and mummified he really looked.
Also, Charley's classic dracula costume: Nathans Grandma sewed it for him when he was 2!! So that costume was handmade 30 years ago. And some of you may remember Colt wearing it a couple Halloweens ago. Thanks Melody! That thing is like, such a huge hit!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Anza weather

Okay so I'm excited for the coolness up here. Although the weather has been SUPER unpredictable. For a couple days it will be stormy thundery and rainy (which I'm loving for the moment), then it will be beautiful and blue for a week. Anyway, the nights are always really cool. My husband makes fun of me for looking like I'm about to go skiing when I get dressed for bed!
So here are the boys playing in the ditch thingy like in the middle of our yard, after a big rainstorm a few weeks ago.