Sunday, May 6, 2012


We got a horse named Diamond. No we weren't in the market for a horse. They are high maintenance and expensive. But this lady, Rhonda, from church who totally knows horses thought that Diamond would be perfect for our family. And she really needed a new home for her. It was someone else's anyway and she wasn't able to care for her anymore. So we told Rhonda that we were very cautious about just getting a horse, we know nothing about them. Also, so far we've raised our animals for meat, and for our own good. Horses are more recreational. Anyway, Rhonda told us that if its not working out, then we can give Diamond back.
So we thought this would be a perfect time for us to see if maybe a horse is a good fit for us. So far its been just ok. I mean, Diamond is totally broke (that's horse language for totally trained and rideable). She is sweet, calm around the kids, has never shown aggression. I mean, she's exactly what anyone would want in a horse. We haven't fallen in live with her. We have barely riden her. We had to go out and learn and get all the riding stuff first. Great deals on Craigslist. Nathan has gotten used to riding her, but me and the boys haven't. I feel like since she's good with Nathan, it needs to be him leading the way when it comes to us getting on her. Anyway, here are pics