Saturday, February 5, 2011

Uncharted territory

So obviously we are not using all of our ten acres. Every couple days me and the boys will go 'exploring' where we just start roaming the property! Well last Saturday we found the jackpot. This huge area in the back (or front?) corner where we hardly ever go. And it was Lush with well grown thick green grass. Most of our property is patches of shrubs, bushes, grass, leaves, kind of everything. But this, this was something to take note of. It was definately a family affair. So I told Nathan to get the goats and we all just hung out. Literally just hanging out having fun being together in this big ole patch of lush tall grass. I love the simple moments...

Charley throwing big clumps

Yes, wherever we are, Hank will be too.

Colt took this picture of us.

Well, now I've seen it all...I thought dirt angles at the park were pretty out there, but now we can add grass angels to our list.

Hank thinks he's a goat.

Where's Charley?

Look out for them horns!

Peggy, do you have a baby in that belly of yours!?

This white goat is Sweet Pea. We inherited her from somebody that couldn't have her anymore. She has overgrown hooves, got pink eye in both eyes the first week we had her and bucks our other goats...More like Not so sweet pea.