Sunday, February 26, 2012

Indio Fair

Last week we had a great time at the Indio fair. Colt's only requests were to get cotton candy and to ride the ferris wheel... Well we got to work right away! Here are some highlights of the day.

Cotton candy... CHECK!

This was funny because we left our real horse on the farm, to pay to ride on plastic horses. Hahaha.

The boys rode lots of rides!

Watched a Creepy puppet show. Ooo, I hate creepy puppets! Bleeeehhh!

Colt was so brave climbing the rock wall!

This was the first year we didn't bring a stroller, so by the end the boys got shoulder rides. I know, they are spoiled.

We certainly didn't spend much time looking at farm animals, for obvious reasons.
But! I could NOT BELIEVE HOW CUTE THESE BABY PIGGIES WERE! And, our mama pig is pregnant right now so I cannot wait to see her cute little babies! I cannot believe how cute and little and pink and fresh these piglets were. And our grown pigs are so fat and stinky and dirty. Hahaha

Ostrich races were classic!

Ok. Do you see anything wrong with this sign!?! Ugh! I'm pretty sure they had paramedics standing by that booth!

And this was the drive home... By the way, we did ride the ferris wheel too! Just didn't get a pic. Great day at the fair!