Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby piglets

I cannot believe I haven't Blogged about baby piglets yet. Well, it was probably better to wait anyhow.  When they were born, there was a lot of drama and emotion and things that just didn't go right. We were sad to lose half of mama pigs litter, but its all learning. We will do things much differently next time. Also, she had her piglets on the coldest night of the year, in the middle of a blizzard and a couple piglets died because of that. Others died because mama squished them. There was also a ton of straw in there and when we went out to check on them, mama was rooting around the straw, burying the piglets, they were suffocating under the deep layers of straw. It was our first time and her first time, in horrible cold stormy conditions. Ugh. But we have 5 sweet little guys and they have been such a joy for us!