Saturday, April 30, 2011


Happy Easter! My commentary is below all the pics...I don't know why I can't copy it and put it all up here.

Happy Belated Easter!

We had a great easter weekend. Honestly I think this is the first year that we actually put effort into the holiday. Well, we were in Utah with our parents and cousins last year, so we all just did random egg hunts/ the time we got back home, I mean, we just didn't do anything at home because Easter was over. The year before that, Colt was 3 and Charley was 6 months. I mean, we kind of just colored eggs with our clueless 3 year old. So anyway, this year was great because Colt is really cool when it comes to just being happy no matter what. I wanted Easter to have its fun with egg hunts and easter baskets and treats. I also wanted to make sure that our home celebrated the real reason for easter. The Atonement and Ressurection. The most important event known to the history of man. I found a GREAT Family home evening idea online called Resurrection Eggs. You put tiny things into each one of 12 plastic eggs. Then the child opens one egg at a time and each thing represents something about Christ. It was very cool. On Saturday morning, we had a community easter egg hunt. The high school puts it on every year and there are games/prizes/egg hunts/music/cotton candy/popcorn. And its all free. Different stores around here donate treats and prizes and different things for the games. It was such a great community comming together fun day. Saturday night we had the family home evening. The next morning on sunday we just had two easter baskets for the kids when they woke up. Nothing too extravagant. Just a few things in there from the dollar store. After church that morning, we came home and had our own easter egg hunt, and colored eggs. Then while I cleaned everything, the boys watched Easter Veggie Tales that my mom sent us. Here are some pics