Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So yes, we live in a double wide. And I'm loving it. I've coined a new term, 'trailorific'. So when something is just SO double wide and you gotta just laugh, you say, "TRAILOR-IFIC!". Here are a few pics...
*Decorating for Halloween in a double wide is so cool. Check out the awesome 99cent window stickers from Winco...trailorific!
*The other pic is a view from the street coming up to our house. Ha. The whole 10 acres is completely fenced in. Its so great to just let the boys, the dog and chickens run around wherever.

Getting our mail

Here is a picture of our row of mailboxes, about a mile down the road. This is a night picture, it doesn't look very good, but you can totally tell from this picture how DARK it gets here at night!

A different way of life

Okay, so out here as anyone can imagine...it is a huge culture shock. First up, this is how we get into our property. This is our very own big huge gate. Most people have gates to their property because they have a few acres with animals and they need to be protected from coyotes... so when you drive down our dirt driveway, you have to stop, get out of the car, open the gate, get back in the car, then drive just outside of the gate, then get back out of the car and close the gate. Okay, just then as I was describing it, it sounded like a big ole pain in the butt...but its not, its kind of cool. And again, just a different way of life. AND I love our big huge iron gate.