Friday, November 5, 2010


Okay, these are totally chesy pictures of Colt and Charley. They are just standing there posing for the camera. AND I have to defend myself with Colt's mummy costume. It looked much cooler in real life! He wore it for school on Friday, then for his schools trunk or treat that night. Then on saturday for a birthday/halloween party. Then for trick or treating. And each time, he would stand there while I would wrap him all up in different shreds of sheet. It was fun and he loved putting it on. And every time, he got a ton of compliments. So, anyway, the pics don't show you how cool and mummified he really looked.
Also, Charley's classic dracula costume: Nathans Grandma sewed it for him when he was 2!! So that costume was handmade 30 years ago. And some of you may remember Colt wearing it a couple Halloweens ago. Thanks Melody! That thing is like, such a huge hit!