Monday, November 29, 2010

More Trailorific-ness

So I do find Trailorific things around here every once in a while. Here are a couple that really stick out.

1. Our laundry area is just off of the kitchen. Not quite in its own room, but in its own cozy little nook, out of the way of things. So when I'm in the kitchen and the washer is going, the spin cycle will literally make the kitchen floor rumble. Like a bit of an earthquake feeling! Yes, our floor shakes during our washer spin cycle. So, is that just a super powerful washer, or could it be...Trailorific!?

2. I can literally vacuum the whole house without changing where I plug the vacuum in. There's an outlet literally right in the middle of the place, so I have to use that one particular outlet. But! Vacuuming is a breeze around here without having to change where the plug goes every time I go too far. HA! So, because the place is big enough for us, without feeling cramped, I'm going to call this just pure....cozy....trailorific!