Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our new diggs

Yeay. We are moving to such a cute nicer home. Well, we've been in Anza for a couple of years now and we like it. We have been living in a double wide on ten acres of weeds, basically. No garage, no porch, no nothing to make it cute or homey. And we've been fine with that. We have a great ability to just adapt to things and we have been more interested in the experience here than what things look like. It's been in the last few months that we've maybe wanted something more. So we found a super cute home on 5 acres, which for what we want, is plenty of space. It's a bigger house, ON A FOUNDATION (that means no creaky floors :-)) with a two car garage and a barn. It also has a beautiful back porch with a nice overhang that overlooks the valley. AND there is irrigation around the property where they actually have flowers and trees and grapes! It also has an awesome 3 stall barn, and an arena for riding Diamond.
So here's the deal in Anza, everybody comes here for different reasons (we won't get into the druggie reasons). Some families love the open space for quad and motorcycle racing. Some families are horse lovers, and some of the horse lovers run horse rescues. Some people don't have animals or quads, for example, our neighbor with the big beautiful brick house. He grows acres of grapes and makes his own wine. The process is amazing. So, we came here and just dug in. Within the first year of being here, we accumulated more than 30 chickens, including incubating eggs and raising baby chicks. We brought home what would be the biggest pains in our butts, two goats, on our laps in the car. We raised cattle and butchered them for beef. One of which was butchered by an Iranian right on our property who was praying to Allah with every cut. He hauled away his four quarters of young beef in a mini van. We raised a hog for meat...colt and charley loved watching the butcher come out for that one. The boys understand that God put animals on this earth for our own health. But we need to be respectful with how we raise and butcher them too. We helped our mama pig farrow a litter of piglets on the coldest night of the year in the middle of a blizzard. Note to self: Do NOT have piglets in the winter again. We also cultivated the land for a very successful 20x25 ft garden. Where I learned to pickle, can, Blanche, freeze and properly store and EAT the fruits of our labors. We tilled and planted 2 acres of hay.  And for all of our animals, we built their fencing and shelters. Most of which was done in the blistering cold with storms approaching. Heaven forbid we actually take a nice day to do our outdoor chores.
So here's out conclusion: We love having land and animals, but we want to have a fresh start and do it the right way. We have this amazing ability to let things just roll off our back, and not be bothered by things. We are for sure not materialistic, we would rather have the experience of something than have nice stuff. So anyway, here, with just digging right into everything, we've realized that we do things in a jankey way. Our motto for this place really should have been, " That'll do" or "That's good for now".  We also started to realize how poorly and how not right things were done around here.
So anyway, we found a new place which has given us a total morale boost. We want to do things in a better, right way. And we are looking at this next move as a fresh new start. So here's to being just a little better in everything we do...