Sunday, April 3, 2011


I've been posting a lot of pics of the outdoors/animals so here are some recent updates about the boys, including Nathan!Okay, so this was a typical scene every night for a few weeks when it was really cold. Flannel coat, fuzzy hat and light head band. Which, I laughed at him the first time he put it on but after using it personally a couple times, I want one. Its so handy for going out at night to close up the animal area or check on things hands free! Well here's Nathan getting ready to go rabbit hunting. Yes, shooting wild rabbits right on our property. And don't get all upset about poor bunnies with me. If you don't like our way of life up here, then stop reading my blog. Rabbits are nutritious and easy to skin. It makes for very good eats. AND every person around here HATES wild rabbits because they sabotage everybody's hard earned gardens every spring. So, we're just getting ready for gardening!

Here is Colt with his brown twin, Sale. Yes, his name is spelled Sale. But you pronounce it Sal-Aye, its polyneasian. Anyhow, Sale is like this little faced skinny preemie just like Colt. They are so cute together and in real life somebody at DQ actually asked if they were TWINS! HAHA

Colt is getting so big. I'm really proud of his progress too. I see so much improvement even in his school work from the beginning of the school year till now. Before, it was like pulling teeth just to get him to sit down for homework. (and no, that's not what happened in this picture!) But now, he has no problem sitting down at his seat for homework, and just concentrating right through it. He's really good at focusing and doing it. Can you believe he has about 30 minutes of homework a night!? No, no, no, he's not in middle school, he's in KINDERGARTEN! It hits me every so often that I'm going to be doing homework as a mom for the next several years...Ugh.

The boys are so different. Charley will take his time with toys and play with them. Focusing on little things like stacking blocks. I know I just talked about how cool it is that Colt is focusing on homework. I love that because Colt didn't focus on toys. He was always jumping and running and doing more physical things like digging and climbing. But here's Charley focusing on a block tower. Yes, I specifically remember now, taking a video of Colt climbing up our orange tree when he was 2 1/2. And here's what Charley does at 2 1/2.

There's always the occasional animal that comes through the house. Colt says "ooo you're so soft chicken, I love you so much!" He really has a bleeding heart for things. He tells the chickens that he loves them all the time.

And this is Charley's newest craze...STUFF! He calls it "duff". Any type of fluffy feather whether its from a down pillow or from a chicken feather outside. Any light fluffy airy fluff that floats in the air that he can catch and hold, then blow it up in the air again, he LOVES it. He's always finding "duff". Oh and it never gets old, he gets REALLY happy when he sees stuff on the ground.