Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The fruits of our labors

So we have summer crookneck squash and slicing cucumbers coming out of our ears. I've been shredding/chopping/freezing, juicing, baking and eating fresh. Its been great to read about and learn what to do and how to harvest. This is a huge pan of grilled fresh veggies. Just chop and saute with onion tomatoes and keilbasa, a little salt and pepper and it made for a great healthy lunch for the whole family.

Colt eating the first cucumber right off the vine.

Just a few labeled bags, many more to come..

Corn is really neat. The tops are called tasseling. When you see this, the seeds from the tips will fall down and in a few days you will see the start of the ears with the little hairs on them.


Colt hunting for cukes...